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We will be closed from 9/30-10/5 and re-open on Tuesday 10/6

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Eye Love Candy

Who - What - Why is Eye Candy?
We pride ourselves in being the most passionate eye care, optometry and eyewear team in the greater Los Angeles area. We care about people. We are striving to make a difference in our local and global community, and your joy means the world to us. Come visit us!


In the book 100 Ways To Save The World, Johan Tell says, "Buy quality. Shop for fewer, better products that will last longer. Enormous amounts of resources are wasted on poor-quality items that quickly get broken, wear out, or simply go out of fashion."

At Eye Candy, we are very conscientious about the product we bring in and where it is made. Sadly, a majority of frames today are made from materials purchased in China and assembled in Italy so the designers can stamp "Made in Italy" on the inside. Such frames all originate from the same warehouse. They all rolled off the same factory line. The frames are merely slightly modified and a new designer label slapped on. The frames are slightly modified and a new designer label slapped on. Unknowing consumers spend significant amounts of money on well-known designer labels because they equate the name with quality. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Each one of the frames you’ll find at Eye Candy is hand-selected to be of the highest quality material and make. Most are handmade and environmentally friendly. The metals are titanium and stainless steel, many without soldering which puts harmful fumes into our environment. The plastic frames are cut from a solid piece of plastic as opposed to the laminates most companies use. This means the frames are a better fit, lighter weight, and will hold their shape to prevent your lenses from popping out.

The frames you see at Eye Candy can't be found just anywhere. Exclusivity is a must. Our designers don't follow the trends--they set them. Some designers introduce a frame only to reintroduce the same slightly-modified frame a few months later, hoping you'll be willing to shell out the cash to keep current with the name. The designers we choose to feature in Eye Candy create timeless collections by introducing exceptional pieces rather than reinventing entire lines every season. They are never out of style because they are designed to reflect individuality. Your uniqueness is celebrated.