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We will be closed from 9/30-10/5 and re-open on Tuesday 10/6

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Eye Love Candy

Who - What - Why is Eye Candy?
We pride ourselves in being the most passionate eye care, optometry and eyewear team in the greater Los Angeles area. We care about people. We are striving to make a difference in our local and global community, and your joy means the world to us. Come visit us!


Our standard is other practitioners' elite lens selection. We use only the highest quality lens materials and coatings.

For you, this means the thinnest, lightest, most scratch and glare resistant lens with the clearest optics available. The no-line bifocals are laser cut and custom made for each individual client. Can you imagine no more twisting your head around, like a typewriter, just to find the clearest part of the lens? If you fancy the wrap frames that most opticians tell you can’t be made with prescription lenses, no worries, we can make those for you too.

Some people think a lens is a lens is a lens. Not true. While yes, all lenses should get you to 20/20 vision if accurately prescribed and manufactured, the optical quality of a lens can make a profound difference in the quality of your vision.

Think of it this way: if you were shopping for a television, you would likely head for the electronics department to compare different sets. At the store, all of the screens simultaneously play the same image. Despite this, you notice the image quality from screen to screen is markedly different. Then you see the dream screen--you know, the high-definition, glareless, flat-screen plasma, with color so intense and real that you feel as though you could step into the image. Well, with our lenses, that is the image you get to matter what you are looking at.